One of the major worries for all gardeners all through out the year is pests and insects. They are the simply not welcomed in your garden an if you give them a small room then they will finish off your garden in no time.

Within a few days, you will see your garden in tatters if you don’t take proper action against the pests at the right time. They attack in numbers and will make you helpless if you are not ruthless on them. They flourish on the foliage and fruits and make them inedible. There have been gory details of such pest attacks in gardens and in come cases the owner had to chop down his trees as well.

Gardeners generally resort to chemicals to get rid of the pests, but these chemical based fertilizers can have some adverse affects on your plants as well. But there are other safe ways as well to get rid of these dangerous pests.

To start with, you have to keep your garden clean. The cleaner the garden the lower is the risk of being infected with a disease or pests. Start carefully cleaning the garden from the fall and by the time winter sets in, your job is surely going to be doubled.

Try to dump off the dry leaves and the dead plants as soon as possible. You should keep in mind that dead plants and dry leaves are the perfect harvesting spots for garden insects and they also cause many deadly organisms like fungus, especially during the season of winter.

Thus it always a good idea to remove the annual flower plants and the vegetables as soon as they grow or full blossomed by the winter. The perennial plants which are in your garden will also benefit by the removal because it will help them to grow freely.

Cleaning the garden will also help prevent leaf diseases such as rust, blight and powdery mildews. It also reduces the chance of growth of deadly pests like slugs, aphid eggs, flea and asparagus beetles including squash and plant bugs.

Keeping your garden free from insects and pests is a tough task and no matter what you do and how much you try hard, no one can assure you 100 percent protection. It is a natural process and no one can change the law of nature. Pests and insects are a part and parcel for a garden and it a continuing fight with them.